MobWare External Crab Game Hack | Free Crab Game Cheat v3.6.x.x

MobWare External Crab Game Hack | Free Crab Game Cheat v3.6.x.x MobWare External Crab Game Hack | Free Crab Game Cheat v3.6.x.x

Greetings, I will present the MobWare External Crab Game Hack you want so much today and I will introduce it as much as I can. Details of the Free Crab Game Cheat . Crab Game It is the Squid Game that was once very popular in the world. Squid Game is about all kinds of games set up by a man who gives people a chance to get away from the real world and become normal and rich individuals, and the super rich weird people who sponsor those games.

The new season will be released soon, as the series is watched a lot on netflix. It is a movie that gives emotional and beautiful messages in the movie. The games in it are also fun and childish. Children play their games with adults, and the loser, the one who fails, diesPeople team up among themselves and try to survive. A limited number of meals are given, and those who steal their food go hungry.

About MobWare External Crab Game Hack :

The MobWare External Crab Game Hack is very useful. People are killing each other for their lives and money.When each player is eliminated, that is, each person dies, their total money increases even more. It's a bit of a murderous but good logic. Players can withdraw unanimously. There is only one winner and takes all the money.

He uses the money as he wishes. Since bad people, namely criminals, are in that game, it is not difficult for them to kill so many people or spend the money they earned with their blood. After this very popular series, they organized a lot of games, videos, various dresses and events. Some crazy people tried to do this same game in real life, except to die of course :D.

Anyway, Crab Game is covering this series. There are more games than the games in the series, and these are the games that the producer thinks are beautiful according to his own mind. Since this game is made by an independent person, there is no such thing as a ban system yet. While the producer is trying to release new games, we will offer you cheats. After the new update, it was very requested and we presented it to you.Let's look at the features of the MobWare External Crab Game Hack. Our website continues to share the best free crab game hacks and cheats. Check out our categories for more.

How to use MobWare External Crab Game Hack :

  1. Download Free Crab Game Hack external
  2. Open the game
  3. Open the cheat when you are in the main menu
  4. Enjoy & Currently Working for the version (1.36)

Module List for MobWare External Crab Game Hack :

MobWare External Crab Game Hack Combat & Movement:

  • Fast Punch (disable the cooldown of the punch)
  • Blink (disables you playerpos & playerrot, the other players will not see you moving around, when you will untoggle it and do a step your position will be updated to the new one)
  • Helpful for “Red/Green Light”, you can rush without getting killed by the doll.
  • Useful in “Lights out”, you can kill everyone and they will not see you. Just enable godmode and hide yourself before toggle it.
  • Useful for “send players to the moon”, toggle it and touch the players with your body, then go away and untoggle it. The player that u touched will be sent to the moon.
  • Gravity (removes ur gravity)
  • Infinite Jump (allows you to jump infinitely times)
  • Perma Slide (allows you to slide permanently)

Player Modules for MobWare External Crab Game Hack:

  • God Mode (you cant die, you can only die if you touch the water)
  • No Knock Back (you don’t get knock)
  • Punch People (bind it, go in front of someone or find the right position near the entity, toggle it and the player will be “sent to the moon”)


  • Save Pos (save your current position coordinates)
  • Tp Last Pos (teleport to your saved coordinates)
  • (S) Break Glasses (break glasses in “(S) Glass Jump” map. If you toggle it at the start, all the glasses will explode)
  • Splot TP (take all the colors in the map “Splot”)


  • Fullbright (remove the darkness in “Dorm” mode, so allow you to see basically)
  • ChatSpammer (the chat never closes after sending a message, so you can spam the text)
  • Have Fun guys !

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