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MIR4 Speed Hack - Best Free Cheats for MIR4

MIR4 Speed Hack - Best Free Cheats for MIR4 MIR4 Speed Hack - Best Free Cheats for MIR4

MIR4 Speed Hack lets you gain more speed while moving and attacking which makes going to places defeating your enemies way easier

This Speed Hack for the massively multiplayer online role playing game, MIR4. It is still a new game, released on August 25, 2021 on Steam. The game can be cross played on PC as well as mobile devices which makes it way easier for any player to play with their friends especially if they do not have the opportunity to play on a computer.

But what is a Speed Hack exactly?

Speed Hack is a common feature which can be found on a lot cheats especially for single player games which do not usually have anti cheat systems that block cheaters from running 3rd party softwares or online games that do not have a strong anti cheat system.

Speed Hack makes your player faster (sometimes other entities around you as well) which directly affects how fast you can arrive places and how fast your character attacks and uses abilities. You can pretty much arrive at any place in just a couple of seconds. Your character will be able to attack like 100x times faster (that's if you set the Speed Hack that high) and your abilities pretty much won't have any cooldown whatsoever. Although you should note that the Speed Hack might effect object and entites around you as well, if it is just a simple Speed Hack

How to Use MIR4 Speed Hack

The MIR4 Speed Hack is just a simple dll file, meaning that the injection is just like the usual. Grab yourself an injector and inject it into the game. But if this is your first time, here you go:

  1. Download the MIR4 Speed Hack for free on our website
  2. Extract the dll from the rar archive with the password which you can find on the download button on this page
  3. Download an injector of your choice
  4. When the injector is opened, select the dll that you have extracted, select the MIR4 process and inject the dll into it
  5. Enjoy and have fun!


Developer Notes

Yoo Mir4 Speed Hack

This cheat is for Mir4, this speed hack is like you use a Cheat Engine(speed up the game). I don't know if this cheat gets you banned or not, but enjoy it.
This is an overview of the speed hack

Note : If you are using the steam version, you should finish the mir4 resource to completion,, so that there is no stuck in the middle of the road due to high Ping.

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