Minecraft Meteor Hack for 1.18.1

minecraft meteor hack

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Hello, welcome, today I will show you a fun Minecraft Meteor Hack. You can have a lot of fun with the cheat. With the cheat, you can kill your opponents very easily. You can beat everyone very easily and get high scores. You can see where people are. This gives you great advantages. You can find the mines you are looking for much more easily. You can play the cheat with your friends, which will give you great fun. It is very simple and possible to use. It has a nice menu. Don’t forget to check out other Free Minecraft Hack and Cheat content on our site.

Minecraft Minecraft Meteor Hack Features

  • Combat
  • Player
  • Movement
  • Render
  • World
  • Misc
  • Search

How to Use Minecraft Meteor Hack

  1. First of all, download Minecraft Meteor Hack which you can do by clicking on the download button down below
  2. Extract the the downloaded files from the RAR archive that they come in
  3. Chech if you have Minecraft up and running. If you do have Minecraft running, make sure you completely close it
  4. Download and install Fabric and their API Fabric API from their official website (similar to forge): https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/fabric-api 
  5. Click Start on the bottom left corner of your screen and enter %appdata%/.minecraft/mods in the Windows search bar
  6. If you get an error that says that the folder does not exist, then creat one manually
  7. Copy and paste the files you extracted from the RAR archive into this mods folder
  8. Launch Minecraft Launcher and select the Fabric profile
  9. Save it and then log in under this profile
  10. Enjoy!
minecraft meteor hack

Minecraft Minecraft Meteor Hack

Meteor Client provides you with a wide range of cutting edge, original combat modules (AutoAnvil, AnchorAura, BedAura etc) as well as all of the classics you will find in any other client like CrystalAura and KillAura, giving you a large advantage in pvp and allowing you to explore the new combat metas.

Meteor Client features extremely customizable render modules that are powered by clean and efficient rendering systems, in turn giving precise and high quality overlays that make the client feel incredibly modern and smooth.

Meteor Client comes with a large number of unique qol utilities that make your life easier by allowing the client to do the boring bits for you. It also comes pre-built with Baritone intergration meaning it can easily be used as a standalone client.



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