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Minecraft Macro Hack 2021 (Auto Clicker, Chest Stealer)

Minecraft Macro Hack 2021 (Auto Clicker, Chest Stealer) Minecraft Macro Hack 2021 (Auto Clicker, Chest Stealer)

Minecraft Macro Hack (Auto Clicker, Chest Stealer)

Minecraft Macro Hack is an Auto Clicker and a Chest Stealer as well. With this hack you can macro and click on your enemies incredibly fast while PvPing.

What is this Minecraft Macro Hack exactly?

This Macro Hack has two functions; firstly it is an auto clicker. This means that this program clicks automatically for you. And it has customizable settings as well. For example you can select which button the macro hack is supposed to click. You can make it click left as well as the right mouse button based on your choice of combat. Especially if you are playing a version lower than 1.9 since before that update you could block incoming attacks with your sword by clicking on the right mouse button.

But what is the second feature? you may ask. The second feature so called "Chest Stealer" does pretty much what the name actually says. This feature "steals" items from chests. So it pretty much automatically takes the items from a chest and puts them in your inventory for you. This feature is extremely useful and OP in gamemodes suc as Hunger/Survival Games or Sky Wars since those gamemodes' loot system is based on collecting items from chests.

But how can you install and use these hacks and cheat features included in this Minecraft Macro Software? I will tell you the steps you need to follow in this section:

Minecraft Macro Hack - Installation & Usage

  1. Download the hack if you haven't already (You can find the download link at the end of this page)
  2. Extract the files from the RAR archive & paste them in a folder of your choice
  3. Start Minecraft
  4. Run "Minecraft Mac.exe" which is among the files that you've extracted
  5. Now you can customize the options the way you prefer

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Free Download Minecraft Macro Hack 2021 (Auto Clicker, Chest Stealer)

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