Lucky Blocks Hack | Unlock all blocks | 2021

lucky blocks hack

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what’s up dude i’m going to show you the Lucky Blocks Hack.

Lucky Blocks is a very fun roblox game. There are many kinds of boxes in the game and they come out with very nice weapons or items.

After some numbers like 20, other blocks are unlocked. It is possible to get a new box within a certain period of time. There are also some boxes in the middle of the game and they are very fun. No one can get into anyone’s base. Because there are shields and those who try to enter return to their bases.

The cheat will be very useful for you.

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Features Lucky Blocks Hack :

  • Infinite Lucky Blocks
Game Link: Click Here


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  • I was playing this game before (4-5 years ago) And It’s awesome , Thank you for script 🙂

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