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Lost Light Free Cheat | Speed Hack & Chams Features

Lost Light Free Cheat | Speed Hack & Chams Features Lost Light Free Cheat | Speed Hack & Chams Features

TheLost Light Free Cheat offers simplicity and flexibility. It allows effortless toggling on and off with a single keystroke and enables customization to align with individual preferences. Users can specify the types of players and items they wish to visualize on their screen, adjusting attributes like color and size.

Additionally, irrelevant or unwanted information, such as friendly players or common items, can be filtered out. Although there aren't notable releases available,

I've integrated the d3d11 hooking from GitHub and made significant modifications to incorporate custom colors and a speedhack. Understanding the enhancements from the source code should be straightforward.

How to Use the Lost Light Speed Hack

Please ensure to run as an administrator, otherwise it won't inject!

To use, open the game, drag the DLL into the .exe, and profit!

To those of you saying "it doesn't have this, it doesn't have that," I posted a source for a reason.

Also, with the bans, there's a significant chance it's because you're using a random injector; you're supposed to use the one I posted.


Fixed the issue with chams, added a tutorial

Features of Lost Light Free Cheat | Speed Hack & Chams Features
  • Speedhack
  • Wallhack
  • Esp
  • Chams
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  • bfh41

    please update

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    • Insta Close , no Injector Working - testing 2 Paradise and Saz and Xenos - no one working .. and got 2 new accounts insta banned

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      • Greatbluel

        where injector ?

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        • Greatbluel

          Update please,cant use again because you get ban permanen.

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          • 3nv0y


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            • Greatbluel


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