Lethal Company External Hack | by 0C72

Lethal Company External Hack | by 0C72 Lethal Company External Hack | by 0C72

It offers advanced ESP cheat features for Lethal Company, developed to provide players with a more effective gaming experience. This Lethal Company External ESP Hack enables players to gain more information within the game, allowing them to better understand their surroundings and track their opponents more effectively.

The usage of the Lethal Company cheat is generally straightforward, with a section already available in the instructions on how to use it. Typically, the cheat adds graphical indicators or markers within the game, highlighting important objects, opponents, or other information for players. As a result, players can more easily track their opponents and develop a more effective strategy within the game.

Instructions of Lethal Company ESP Cheat:

Download LethalCompanyC.rar from below and extract it to a folder: Winrar pass: 123

Start the game

Run LethalCompanyC.exe as an administrator

To toggle the ESP, use the insert key.

Do NOT rename the executable, it should be "LethalCompanyC.exe"

Features of Lethal Company External Hack | by 0C72
  • Toggleable Esp
  • Names Esp
  • Door Esp
  • Item Esp
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