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League of Legends Skin Changer

League of Legends Skin Changer League of Legends Skin Changer

R3nzTheCodeGOD is pleased to welcome you to the League of Legends Skin Changer. While you are playing League of Legends, I will act as your guide and help you get started with the LOL Skin Changer. Take comfort in the fact that the League of Legends Cheat is updated on a regular basis to prevent it from being discovered.

Your folder must include two vital items: one that is named as "1PTIJ57x" and the other that is labeled as "R3nzSkin.dll." In the event that you do not own these, kindly get them from the appropriate sources on your. When it comes to acquiring this Free External League of Legends Hack, your destination should be: category.

How To Use? 

If your CPU supports AVX / AVX2 / AVX-512 instruction set, you can enable it in project settings. This should result in more performant code, optimized for your CPU. Currently SSE2 instructions are selected in project settings.

  1. Open the 1PTIJ57x.exe and press start and insert the dll there
  2. Compile source or download a compiled version.
  3. Use R3nzSkin_Injector.exe or inject the built DLL into the game yourself.
  4. Administrator privilege may be needed if the injector failed to inject the DLL.
  5. League client can crash if R3nzSkin is injected before being in the game.
  6. A workaround is to not inject until you are in the game (you will need to be fast to not disrupt the game).
  7. Press Insert to bring up the menu.
  8. Select the skin for you, your teammates, enemies, and wards.

About Lol Skin Changer Hack;

  • Change the skin of your champion, your ward, other champions, towers, minions, and jungle monsters in the game.
  • Automatic skin database update.
  • Support for spectator mode.
  • Change skins anytime and unlimited times in a single game.
  • Supports all popular languages in the world.
  • In-game configuration with ImGui.
  • JSON based configuration saving & loading

Fixed: Remove DX9 Support and update IsLaneMinion offset.

Features of League of Legends Skin Changer

  • Skin Changer
  • Support For Spectator Mode
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