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KateBot Simple Multihack for CSGO 2023

KateBot Simple Multihack for CSGO 2023 KateBot Simple Multihack for CSGO 2023

KateBot Simple Multihack for CSGO that lets you use Aimbot, Wallhack, Bunnyhop, Skin Changer in the game without putting your account in danger.

A lot of people that want to hack and cheat in Counter Strike: Global Offensive usually worry about one thing that scares them the most, getting banned. And that worry is justified as there are so many feature rich CS:GO Cheats and Hacks out there that are fully internal and might have some functions built in that could be flagged by Valve's anti cheat system VAC. But you can always trust the undetectability of the cheats on Cheater.Ninja as we update their statuses regularly to make sure that you guys do not put your accounts in danger when using those said cheats and hacks.

KateBot Simple Multihack for CSGO only has a few essential cheat features which are the only hack features that you will actually need and use in CS:GO. With these essential and simple features, you will easily be able to climb up your rank to Global Elite without anyone being suspicious and putting your account in risk. Just follow the How to Use steps to see how you can use KateBot Simple Multihack for CSGO down below where you can also find the list of features.

Katebot Simple Multihack for CSGO - Features

  • Aimbot
  • Triggerbot
  • Bunnyhop
  • Skinchanger & Knifechanger
  • GlowESP:
  • HealthBased
  • BodyColor
  • C4 Owner & Defuse Player (Glow BLUE color)

How to Use Katebot Simple Multihack for CSGO

  1. Copy “Config.ini” in to dir: C:KateBotConfig.ini
  2. Close CSGO and Steam
  3. Open Extreme Injector v3.6.1
    3.1 -Go to Settings and make how on screenshot

    3.2 –Now Open Scrambling options and Setup All without “Create new entrypoint”

    3.3 –Press OK for save settings.
  4. Open Settings again and press “Start in Secure Mode”. Need wait, Extreame Injector Restarted
  5. Select any x32 process in “Process Name:”. I am use WinHex.
  6. Don’t inject in to CSGO, you can get BAN!!!
  7. Press “Add DLL” and select “KateBot.dll”
  8. Press Inject. Injector itself is closed, if not closed, close it manually!
    csgo katebot simple multihack
  9. Enjoy

Developer Notes

  1. Don’t inject in CSGO, follow the steps above
  2. Unbind Left Mouse Button in csgo for aim(command: unbind mouse1)
  3. Join Discord:

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