How to use Roblox Scripts, Hacks and Cheats?
  • How to use Roblox Scripts, Hacks and Cheats?

    After you have downloaded the Roblox script from our site, then you have a question, how can I use this script? Everything is quite simple and fast.

    Below I will provide you with information with which you can run any script for the Roblox game.

    First of all, we need the Exploit program with which we can embed our script into the game itself.

    Free exploits that work for scripts

    What is the difference between paid exploits?

    • Paid exploits run every exploit active for Roblox. Since there is no key system, people save time. It runs scripts purchased for a fee. It is more reliable than other exploits.

    What you need to run the script

    1. Install your exploit (Turn off your antivirus program)
    2. Install Roblox from microsoft store
    3. Find the script of the game you want to cheat on. (The free roblox script category on our site will help you.)

    How to run the script?

    1. First run your exploit
    2. Enter the game you want to cheat
    3. Paste the script into the exploit
    4. Press the exploit's inject/attach button (some exploits have an inject button, some have an attach button)
    5. Wait for the injection process to finish (if your exploit works with a key system, it will ask you to enter a key)
    6. After the injection process is completed, press the execute button of your exploit.
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