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How to bypass Roblox with update required (for PC)
  • How to bypass Roblox with update required (for PC)

    Bypass Roblox with update required has never been easier. So let's stop wasting time and get to the method!

    Download the required files:

    Follow the step by steo instructions:

    • Download RobloxUWP and FiddlerSetup
    • Start RobloxUWP
    • Reinstall the Roblox Client and close i

    • Start FiddlerSetup.exe
    • Configure the Fiddler as shown below
    • In the Fiddler view, click "Tools" and then select "Options" and select "HTTPS"
    • Check the "Decrypt HTTPS traffic" box and then click "OK"

    • Open WinConfig in the Fiddler menu and search for "Roblox", then click "Save Changes"

    • On the Fiddler menu click "AutoResponder" so a display like the following appears
    • And just select "Add Rule"

    • In the first column, copy this link "" and paste it in
    • In the second column, paste the following code {"data":{"UpgradeAction":"None"}}
    • Save and minimize the Fiddler app
    • Start Roblox and enjoy :)
    • Happy exploiting!

    Hopefully you found this tutorial helpful. If so then don't hesitate to check out other content on our website!

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