Helldivers 2 Cheat Table [HellMemez Cheat]

Helldivers 2 Cheat Table [HellMemez Cheat] Helldivers 2 Cheat Table [HellMemez Cheat]

The Helldivers 2 Cheat Table is a tool designed to enhance your gaming experience by modifying the game's code, enabling you to activate a range of trainers like infinite ammo and grenades. With this Helldivers 2 Trainer, you can unleash firepower and explosives without concern for depletion, which proves invaluable when facing overwhelming odds or simply seeking chaos. Compatible with the latest version of Helldivers 2, this Cheat Engine trainer caters to both solo and cooperative play modes.


  1. Make sure you have --use-d3d11 in your startup.
  2. Make sure the game is not running and you are not using any overlay.
  3. Copy version.dll to your bin folder.
  4. Boot up the game. Press INS key when you are on the ship then you should able to see the menu.

Change Logs:

  • Fixed Reveal all map locations
  • Fixed Infinite Stam
  • Added inf support ammo
  • Added all stratagems
  • Added/Fixed solo vault
  • Added Speed (experimental)
  • Added Instant shuttle (not working dont use)
  • Added No Laser overheat
  • Added NPCs do not touch you (Turrets stop working)
  • Added Sickle no overheat
  • Removed collapse

Features of Helldivers 2 Cheat Table [HellMemez Cheat]
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Grenade
  • And More
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    1. Is it safe to use in solo? 2. Cant use its anyways, did the same in the video but i cant mark the X

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