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Hanbot Script for League of Legends [v14.9]

Hanbot Script for League of Legends [v14.9] Hanbot Script for League of Legends [v14.9]

The Hanbot Script for League of Legends is likely the most well-known Cheat in the League of Legends scripting community and supports practically all champions in the game.

If you are familiar with the difficulty and level of competition that can be found in the game League of Legends, then you probably love playing it. To be successful, you need to become an expert with your champion, collaborate with your teammates, and outwit your opponents. But what if I told you that there was a way to improve your gaming experience easier while also making it more enjoyable? What would happen if you had access to a cheat that would give you an advantage over your rivals and hasten your rise through the ranks?

That is exactly something that the LoL Scripts, Hacks and Cheats can assist you with.

How to Use the LoL HanBot Script:

The usage of this amazing free Hanbot Script for League of Legends is incredibly simple and does not require any complicated modifications done to your device!
After clickining the download button from below the download of the script should start
Once it is downloaded, extract the the files into any directoy of your choice
Run LoL Game with the DX11 mode enabled in the client settings
Run “start.bat” after the game has started
Enjoy and have fun :)


An experimental injector is released (RIOT regions only). You don't need to use it if you are using a 3rd anti-cheat bypass.
Hanbot is free in RIOT regions, until it is safe to use.
Please read the readme.txt before using this version.

Fix some crashes.
Patch for cn server 14.9.579.8313.

Features of Hanbot Script for League of Legends [v14.9]

  • Combo
  • Orbwalk
  • Evade
  • Farm
  • Harass
  • Ward
  • Objective
  • And More Features
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Free Download Hanbot Script for League of Legends [v14.9]

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      how to use and bypass vangurd

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        só tem a pasta league of legends com arquivo ''bugreport'' não tem o arquivo start.bat só tem uma pasta com um injetor que tambem não acontece nada ao inicia-lo.

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            there is no “start.bat"

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