Gta V Vehicle Light Controller – v2

gta v vehicle light controller

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Gta V game is one of the best games of its era. I will introduce a nice Gta V Vehicle Light Controller for people who are immersed in the game. The purpose of each person playing the game is different. People trying to complete missions, people who drive and troll, those who only want to fight, those who go online and have fun with their friends, those who RolePlay. This cheat will actually give you access to the signals of the vehicles in Gta V. In this way, you can drive even more enjoyable.

Maybe you can design a quality server if you add it to your Fivem servers. Although it does not have many features, I think it is a quality feature that I think should be in the game. On our site, there are different kinds of Free Gta V Hack and Cheat content. Check them out too.

How to run the Gta V Vehicle Light Controller?

  1. Launch Gta V on steam, epic or anywhere.
  2. Run the “Light_Controller.exe” in the Winrar you downloaded.
  3. You can also see how it works the moment you open it.
  4. Have Fun


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