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Gta V TriggerBot Menu Hack for 1.59 (External)

Gta V TriggerBot Menu Hack for 1.59 (External) Gta V TriggerBot Menu Hack for 1.59 (External)

With the Gta V TriggerBot Menu Hack, you will be given an advantage when you shoot your opponents. Gta V is a big game and one of the most important things in it is to fight. You have to kill your enemies with the weapons in your hand.

Each weapon has different tab levels. Sometimes it's hard to kill enemies because your Corss is small. Thanks to the Triggerbot feature, you can easily kill all your enemies. The cheat will shoot fire for you, so you can easily kill your enemies. Cheat Gta V Online is compatible with version 1.59 and you can use it easily. Don't forget to check out other Free Gta V Hack and Cheat content on our site.

Gta V TriggerBot Menu Hack

How To Run Gta V TriggerBot Menu Hack

  1. Download the Gta V TriggerBot Menu Hack below and put the contents in a folder.
  2. Run your game and open "C00KI3S V1.11.exe".
  3. After that, you can activate it from the menu and play easily. Enjoy good games.

Developer Note :

How its made:
It is using native c++ 17, win32 and GDI for literally everything. No other dependencies. Just a simple lightweight triggerbot.

It mostly works fine in usual cases considering its external.
Heck i shoot worse without it

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