GTA Tuners / Cayo Perico Script Free Download (v4.0)

GTA Tuners / Cayo Perico Script Free Download (v4.0)

GTA Tuners / Cayo Perico Script (v3.0-[1.58])

GTA Tuners / Cayo Perico Script is Cheat Table for GTA Online with a mindblowing amount of features that is similar to Mod Menus for GTA 5 With this With this Cheat Engine Hack, you can do pretty much anything in GTA Online.

You can spawn vehicles. Earn infinite amount of money with the methods included in the script. Or just automate your Cayo Perico Heist Missions to just relax and enjoy the money reward of it. With over 200+ features, you can have everthing and do anything the way you like! Getting griefed a lot?

Go on a turn on Godmode which makes you immortal and invincible. Need a ride? Spawn a car or a helicopter. Need tons of money to buy your favorite real estate?

Drop money to yourself and to your friends that need it as well. As you can see, with this script there are endless possibilites for you to discover and do in GTA Online. We couldn't count the amount of features this hack has even if we wanted to. That's how crazy and OP this thing. And the crazy part is that it's completely free and open source! If you notice a bug or an issue in the script, you can just edit it yourself.

How to Install & Use GTA Tuners / Cayo Perico Script?

  • Go ahead and click the download button down below to download the GTA tuners / Cayo Perico Script
  • Extract the GTA Tuners / Cayo Perico Script from the RAR archive it is in
  • Download and install Cheat Engine from their official website: https://www.cheatengine.org/
  • Start GTA Online and go into a lobby
  • Open the GTA Tuners / Cayo Perico Script with Cheat Engine
  • Enjoy :)

Version 3.6.x.x Changelog:

  • - (v3.6b3) Bugfix added "UseCreateTimer" option to use "CreateTimer" function rather then "lua threaded" timers. Lua threads are known to be unstable are causing crashes.
  • - (v3.6b1) VenomKY updated Saved Outfits Expanded Version along with MoHieDDiNNE's major code optimizations and GNull's finalization.
  • - (v3.6b1) Replace some thread timers with more stable version, sometimes thread timers can have issues causing freezes and crashing.
  • - (v3.6b1) Fixed issue where color mode would not hold white background on restart is set to white.
  • - (v3.6b1) Changed some thread timers to createTimer instead for stability, mainly optimizations, fixes and update changes.
  • - (v3.6) Many updates and fixes, you can use WinMerge to compare (v3.5 to v3.6) to see the major updates applied!
  • - (v3.6) Major backend updated for "Control Center" and "Quick Car". Code was modified heavily for speed/accuracy.
  • - (v3.6) Major scripts updates, anything labeled

  • VenomKY's Saved Outfits has been added to GTA Tuners / Cayo Perico Script.
  • REP Multiplier added from VenomKY, Menu Ideas and very fast updates to various settings.
  • The menu colors have been updated as well as (script fonts) and you can now toggle between Dark mode and Light Mode..
  • Playerslist will detect Name/Rid changes and Duplicate Rid/Names on the session.
  • Playerslist will be able to tag your friends or enemies with the new Tracking function.
  • Playerslist will be able to log joins/parts/duplicates/modders/name changes etc.
  • Playerslist will run various tests to tag someone a Modder for your info.
  • Playerslist will allow you to double click on a player and tag / untag them as a modder.
    • Playerslist has a hierarchy, it will list godmode/modders above all and joins/parts at the bottom.
    • Playerslist is timestamped, the timing/math I tested are optimal, your ability to change the update ms value has been removed, if you change them within the script, be careful!
    • Playerslist has a "Track Player" function in which I've done a few changes in order for it to stay more accurate but may have weird issues sometimes.
    • Playerslist will shut off GPS when "Track Player" is on so you'll just have to use the WPBlip only because it gets funky with GPS on, but GPS gets automatically turned back on after "Track Player" is off.
    • Added vladi023's Empty Session code to avoid CE from freezing when toggled.
    • Passive Mode Cooldown has been added to "Online Options" of the GTA Tuners / Cayo Perico Script.
    • Oppressor2 cooldown has been automated, use Vehicle Menus or SpawnMyCar function is the best/instant way.
    • The script has many new current status updates and tracking as seen in the title bar.
    • AutoConnect Menu has been updated and will no longer require users to manually change settings in the menu.
    • AutoConnect Menu has 5 states, Landing Page, Solo Mode, Online Mode, New Public and Off.
    • AntiAFK menu has been added and automated as settings are saved to GTA_GNullConfig.ini
    • Unlimited Clip has been added back prior as I rushed the previous GTA Tuners / Cayo Perico Script and did not fix. Oops.
    • Expanded Radar has been added and provides instructions for easy usage, I use ctrl p hotkeys then hit p/pause menu.
    • DMKiller's Unlimited Boost has been modified to hook the XboX controller to use the GTA Tuners / Cayo Perico Script.

    New ShowCase Video:


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