GTA 5 Mod Menu Portal Lite | Online Options, Recovery & More

GTA 5 Mod Menu Portal Lite | Online Options, Recovery & More

You are in the right place for GTA 5 Mod Menu Portal Lite, but if everything is good for you in the game and you do not need anything extra and your game works perfectly without any mods, why should you use Online GTA V Cheat ?

Because; While you are busy with your own business, your car suddenly catches fire and it seems as if nothing caused it, but this is done by GTA V Online Cheat Users on the Same Server as You. You must be surprised as there is no one nearby in invisibility mode trolling you? Anyway, that's why you're here; For GTA 5 Hack Portal Lite.

It will be about the same with a small fps loss in mods, but only up to a certain level. GTA 5 Mod Menu Portal Lite will run normally as long as the game does not require more than a small amount of overhead.

About GTA V Online Cheats and Mods

Give modifications a shot. If your computer isn't too powerful, you should be alright with lite modifications. If something is causing your computer and the game to crash or run more slowly, you should delete the mod from the game files. Make sure you have a backup save of your game by creating one. You never know when you might need it.

If you want to alter, you should just do it and utilize the files that have been confirmed by the internet community. Avoid downloading content from unfamiliar sites since it might contain a virus.

Rockstar does not take problem with players customizing their copies of the game; but, if you do it in Grand Theft Auto Online, you will be permanently banned.

If you think it is useful, please send a Like on the FeedBack below :)

How to use?

  1. Download the GTA 5 Mod Menu Portal Lite files from the download button below
  2. Extract the .zip anywhere you would like (Winrar Pass: 123)
  3. Drag the portal folder into the C drive for the YTD
  4. While GTA 5 (Steam or Epic) is running, use an injector and inject the cheat’s DLL file into the game’s process
  5. You should not be able to use the mod menu in-game, enjoy and have fun!

Features of GTA 5 Mod Menu Portal Lite | Online Options, Recovery & More
  • Recovery
  • 500k Loop
  • Unlocks All
  • Rank
  • Subtabs For Health
  • Movement Options
  • And More Features
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