GTA 5 External Stat Editor V2.4.7 | Free Download Hack | GTA 5 Online 1.67

GTA 5 External Stat Editor V2.4.7 | Free Download Hack | GTA 5 Online 1.67

You can edit your character statistics in the game thanks to the GTA 5 External Stat Editor. In this way, you can be more comfortable in the game. The Gta Hack Tool is more advanced and comprehensive than other cheats. You can easily install and play in the game.

Thanks to the compatibility with the new update coming to Gta V Online, you can play it much more comfortably and with pleasure. You can edit all your character's stats. Do not forget to read the instructions below in order to install and use it without any problems.

How to Use GTA 5 External Stat Editor:

  1. Download GTA 5 External Stat Editor
  2. Extract the EXE file from the RAR archive using the password down below
  3. Start GTA 5
  4. Go into story mode or into an online lobby
  5. Run the STAT.exe
  6. And enjoy!

Developer Notes for GTA 5 External Stat Editor

I know that some of you may have experienced the STAT Editor function in my Heist Editor. Now that Heist Editor has so many functions, it may be that some of you just need this STAT Editor. So I separated this function separately and made it an independent part.

Since this tool is just a tool, all Hash strings, values, etc. need to be searched by yourself, so I don’t consider encrypting it, because it is different from Heist Editor and is not a fool-like tool.
This project was inspired by vladi023’s project, but it seems that he no longer updates it. So I create a new thread and released this independent STAT Editor, I hope you all like it.

Oh, regarding the STAT Editor in Heist Editor, I found some problems, but I don’t want to fix it for the time being. The problem has been solved in this independent project, so please use this

Q: great release, bool stats still needs helmet?
A: Yes, it is still needed. This is a very convenient operation for external tools.

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