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Genshin Impact Cheat - Free Genshin Impact Hack v3.7 [Kebabi]

Genshin Impact Cheat - Free Genshin Impact Hack v3.7 [Kebabi] Genshin Impact Cheat - Free Genshin Impact Hack v3.7 [Kebabi]

I'm going to talk about a Genshin Impact Cheat that will allow you to get high priorities and privileges in the game. Genshin Impact is an open world game enjoyed by many players. As in the main purpose of every game, you have to create your own character in this game and strengthen it with certain tasks.

You can defeat all opponents by keeping your character strong for a long time. There will be NPC and Online players that you will have to fight as you evolve. If you play smartly and strategically, you will beat them all. But with Genshin Impact Cheating you become much stronger. It becomes immortal and you can bring your character to the level you want in a very short time. I have explained all the details below. I talked about how to run it and more details. You can use it comfortably.

Don't forget to enjoy and recommend it to your friends. Accessing everything you want is just a few clicks away. Do not forget to take a look at the Free Genshin Impact Hack and Cheat content that will be useful to you on our site.

Genshin Impact Cheat

About Genshin Impact Cheat Features:

So the thing is that as you probably already see from the images on this post, this cheat has an insane amount of features that and therefore we have made a short list of the categories under which you fill find all the features in the cheat's menu

  • General (your general features that are not categorized under the categories down below, mostly misc features like bypass etc.)
  • Player (functions that have an effect on your character / player such as godmode)
  • World (stuff that affect the world around you like kill aura)
  • Teleport (your good old telport stuff, nothing unusual)
  • Visuals (visual options like ESP and much more)
  • Debuggings (mostly settings for develops / bug hunters)

How to Use Genshin Impact Cheat:

Download binaries archive, unpack where you want. Close genshin if you have opened. Run injector.exe, select genshin executable file (not launcher). By default cheat menu open by F1 key.


  1. On first launch, program finding offsets by signatures, it can take some time. When if will be found (you see info message in console) you need to restart cheat.
  2. First: I tried to upload Genshin Impact Cheat to this thread but it still wait to approve, so maybe in nearest feature it appear here, but before you can download archive with binaries in github releases.


If you can’t find injector.exe this can be result of your antivirus software work (Windows Defender as well) just try to disable antivirus, or add this file to exceptions. If you aware about your security, you can check code on github and build it by yourself.


Doesn’t matter location where you extract files, except that injector.exe and CLibrary.dll must be in same directory. P.S. English is not my native language, and I try avoid use translators, so if you see some mistakes in text you can notify.

Features of Genshin Impact Cheat - Free Genshin Impact Hack v3.7 [Kebabi]

  • Player
  • World
  • Teleport
  • Visuals
  • Debuggings
  • Esp
  • Godmode
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Free Download Genshin Impact Cheat - Free Genshin Impact Hack v3.7 [Kebabi]

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