Free Valorant Trigger Bot | Advanced Version Cheat for Valorant -2023 (VoVRant)

Free Valorant Trigger Bot | Advanced Version Cheat for Valorant -2023 (VoVRant) Free Valorant Trigger Bot | Advanced Version Cheat for Valorant -2023 (VoVRant)

I will talk about a very useful Free Valorant Trigger Bot. Everyone wants to be a great player when playing Valorant. Valorant is a simple game in logic. Kill the enemies. win the game. Defend/deploy bomb zone. Hunt your enemies by hiding on various maps. Get privileges with the special abilities of the characters in the game. In short, the logic of the game is like this, but it is not an easy game. In the game you have to kill the enemies and it is a bit difficult.

Your bullets may not go well. Or the enemy can kill you before you can hit the enemy. Or even if your aim is above the enemy, you may not have time to shoot. These kinds of things are very annoying, but we offer you solutions for everything. Just the last one I mentioned. I'm going to show you a Triggerbot that will allow you to fire automatically when our aim is over the enemy. However, you can also find various Free Valorant Hack and Cheat content on our site.

Look at. Thanks to Triggerbot, you can kill your enemies more easily without wasting time. It is difficult to see an opponent, especially for players who have ping problems or have low HZ monitors. The valorant trigger bot hack will shorten the time for you, allowing you to kill opponents even easier. In short, this is the feature of triggerbot. Although it does not seem to have many functions, on the contrary, it has great privileges. Small touches have big results in FPS games. good games.

How to use Free Valorant Trigger Bot:

  1. Purple enemies
  2. Bind K for alternate shooting
  3. Profit

Previous work for any of you trust issue bois: (Click Here) .RageIndustries Pixel Aimbot for R6S -3 months of undetection.() & For any questions, Ask yourself.

Compile & RUN Source Code: (Click Here)

Video of Free Valorant Trigger Bot:

  1. SendKeys.SendWait(“k”);
  2. Screenshot Method


  1. graphics.CopyFromScreen(ScreenWidthHalf (SizeX / 2), ScreenHeightHalf (SizeY / 2), 0, 0, Visual.Size);

Checking if both sides of the screen found purple pixels and if the avg of all pixels is around the center + – 9 pixels

Almost forgot, BAN disclaimer, I didn’t get banned for using this for a few days, you probably will, but I now warn you. YOU SHALL GET BANNED!

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