Free Trove Trainer Hack | Trove Cheats

Free Trove Trainer Hack | Trove Cheats Free Trove Trainer Hack | Trove Cheats

I will show you a Free Trove Trainer Hack that you can use comfortably and have a lot of features. Trove is a very enjoyable and childlike game that was released in 2015. You can have a lot of fun in the game because it has cute and sweet graphics. A game similar to Minecraft. You are trying to survive. You make structures. A nice game where you fight monsters. You can use the Free Trove Trainer Hack to access a lot of things in the game and to have more fun or to improve fast. I have given the instructions below. You can easily cheat by reading carefully.

How to Use Free Trove Trainer Hack

  1. Download Free Trove Trainer Hack from our website
  2. The Cheat Engine Cheat Table which is compressed in the RAR archive will be downloaded,
    Extract that Free Trove Trainer Hack into a folder of your choice
  3. Download and install Cheat Engine if you haven’t already: https://cheatengine.org
  4. Open the folder where you have the Free Trove Trainer Hack
  5. Start Trove
  6. Open the Free Trove Trainer Hack via Cheat Engine


Map Hack (M)

Ctrl + M = Enable/Disable

Increase max distance view on Map

MAx Distance Viewer:

F11 = ON
Ctrl + F11 = OFF

increase distance view Objects, grass, map
good for farm, and like use X-Ray for maximze your finder
ores, event items, etc…
deactivate for change map, has possibility cause crash.
Game Speed 2x
Shift = On/Off

Game Speed 3x
Num7 = On/Off

Game Speed 4x
Num8 = On/Off

Speed Jump

ctrl + P = Enable/Disable

you jump higher and faster
Glow Enemies / Objects

ctrl + G = Enable/Disable

monsters and objects now have a glow effect

‘ = Enable/Disable

now you can go through large objects and areas


Fake Break Blocks


Fake break blocks so you can pass


Insta-Lasermancy Hack 0~300


Work’s fine all blocks. insta break blocks

Insta-Lasermancy Hack 300+

F10 ON / OFF

Insta Break Much blocks.
>>Need lasermancy 300 or more <<<
Work Normal Blocks / Nitro / Cinabrio / Shapestone


F4 Enable/Disable
Active use skills, attacks, lasermancy Mounted.

Gun No damage Freezy Air

Middle MB (mouse button) Enable/Disable
you stand in the air, being able to hit enemies on the floor

Jump Hack

F1 Enable

Increase Number of Jumps.


F5 = Enable/Disable script, now u raw invisible blocks

Fly Speed

Hold “Caps Lock” for Get more Speed Gliding

Skip Distance (Teleport Hack)

Press Button “3” to teleport 3 blocks direction of your cursor
Good for farm, enter dugeons etc.

Super Jump

Mark check the box to active Super Jump
Increase u distance

Fly Hack

Press “Insert” and Glide.
“Delete” stop

Gravity Hack

Page Up = ON
falls and up more slowly
Page Down = Off

Energy Hack

for active Num1
(Good for Infinity Back Ninja Dash)
desactive Num2

Speed Hack

get on any mount and press “Home”
now speed mount Freezed. go battle!
End = OFF

Speed Hack.dll

Hold “E” to set speed 2.0
More fast World.

Speed Hack

Hold “Caps Lock”
for increase u speed moving on your cursor

Infinity Dodge

F3 Active/Disable
now “shift” no have cooldown.


F8 Enable
no more DC on afk

Faster Lasermancy Geode (OmniTool)

F2 = Enable/Disable
Now smash fast blocks on Geode, only use OmniTool (Lasermancy)
not work normal World.

Distance View / Grass

Button “+” increase distance view 1000
Good for Dragon / Ore’s / Grass / Farm
Button ” – ” return to 200.
Obs : On use Portals, need return 200 or game crash.

Zoom Hack

F6 Enable/Disable
Increase u distance View.

Map Hack (On M)

Ctrl + M = ON
Increase distance map view 1000.

No-Clip Cam

num4 Enable/Disable
your camera now goes through objects and walls

Extra Ilumination

ctrl + L = Enable/Disable

more light in game areas

(No status for damage)

Fov Remover

ctrl + F = Enable/Disable

Remove Fov all Map / Underwater

Boat Speed

Ctrl + Ç = Enable/Disable

boat more speed
Character Size

Arrow up /\ = increase character size
arrow down \/ = decrease character size
arrow right > = normal character size

Features of Free Trove Trainer Hack | Trove Cheats
  • No-clip
  • Map Hack (re-add)
  • Max Distance Viewer
  • Fake Break Blocks
  • Speed Jump
  • Glow Enemies / Objects
  • Extra Illumination
  • Fov Remover
  • Double Speed (thanks To @theycallmetim13 For The Help With The Code)
  • Insta-lasermancy Hack 0~300
  • Full Insta-lasermancy Hack 300+
  • Anti-dismount
  • Gun No Damage Freezy Air
  • No-clip Cam
  • Jump Hack
  • Perfect Cave Finder (x-ray) (rework)
  • Infinity Dodge
  • Anti-afk
  • Faster Lasermancy Geode (omnitool)
  • Teleport Hack
  • Skip Distance
  • Super Jump
  • Fly Hack
  • Increase Fly Speed
  • Speed Hack
  • Gravity Hack
  • Energy Hack (good For Infinity Back Ninja Dash)
  • Never Down Glider
  • Zoom Hack
  • And More...
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