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free trainer bloons td hack

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I will talk about a simple and useful Free Trainer Bloons TD Hack that will allow you to dominate the game. You can progress very quickly in the game and will allow you to reach everything you want in a short time. The game has a minimalist and sweet structure. In general, you will enjoy the environment and interactions in the game while playing. Thanks to the Trainer Hack, you can become stronger in the game very simply. You don’t need to spend long hours and hours. Don’t forget to read I mentioned the Free Trainer Bloons TD Hack detail below. Enjoy and recommend to your friends.



  • Install BepInEx IL2Cpp build #353 and run the game once. Then drop the trainer into the plugins folder.
  • A working install of BepInEx Preview v6 Build #353 for IL2CPP. (Get it from their Discord server under the Pins or in the latest Bleeding-Edge IL2Cpp build)
  • Place file within the ‘BepInExPlugins’ folder

Features Free Trainer Bloons TD Hack:

  • Reprint Hotkeys
  • Give 1M Monkey Money
  • Give 1M Trophies
  • Give 1M In-Game Cash
  • Give 1M In-Game Health/Hearts
  • Give 10K Knowledge Points
  • Level Up – Unlock All Upgrades
  • Unlock All Monkey’s / Hero’s

Another currency called “Monkey Knowledge Points” can be redeemed in an unlockable upgrades tree called “Monkey Knowledge”, which unlocks unique upgrades that can be freely used in most game modes. Special types of towers called “Heroes” automatically level up once placed, allowing them to become stronger as the game progresses, but the player may only place one chosen Hero per game!

Update v3.0.3 Released – 3-16-2022:

New release v3.0.3. Fixes for new game updates and add option for random lose per request.
Install: Remove all remnant’s of old version’s of trainer. Run installer and set install dir to the game root folder.


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