Free Tower of Fantasy Hack | Infinite Energy, Mana & More

Free Tower of Fantasy Hack | Infinite Energy, Mana & More Free Tower of Fantasy Hack | Infinite Energy, Mana & More

Free Tower of Fantasy Hack is the brand new and the best Cheat that you can find for ToF out there so far. With over 35 different and unique features of this Internal ToF Hack, you will not be disappointed and will be one of the best Tower of Fantasy players in the game.

And no worries if you are not sure how to use this cheat it in the best way possible, because we are gonna talk about all that in a bit but first of all you should realize how overpowered this thing is and that you should start using it immediately until something happens to this Free Tower of Fantasy Hack.

With this hack you can just fly around everywhere and one shot your foes by enabling some insane ToF Hack featuers such as Aimbot, Unlimited Energy and Mana, Rapid Melee Attacks and so much more for you to discover!

ToF is a fairly new game, meaning that there are not a lot of Tower of Fantasy Cheats and Hacks out there but as we know the developer of this cheat has done some wonders for other games.

So, until the publishers of the game start cracking down on this amazing Hack for Tower of Fantasy, make sure to use it as much as possible so that you level up, gain everything while keeping your account safe from any suspensions.

How to Stay Under the Radar using Free Tower of Fantasy Hack

Keeping a low profile while cheating in online multiplayer games is a key component. You absolutely do not want anyone to know that you are actually hackig and using third party software.

This also goes for ToF even if one is using Undetected Tower of Fantasy Cheats because there is still something called anti-cheat as well as manual bans if you are reported

Therefore you should always make sure that your playstyle looks like a legit player's. That is why do not turn on obvious features such as fly hack near other players.

Other visuals features such ESP are mostly fine as other people around you will not be able to notice if anything is different with your game.

How to Use the Free Tower of Fantasy Hack

Now we have come to the part where you will learn how you can actually use this Free Tower of Fantasy Hack and inject it into the game. Now it is important that you do not skip this part as the injection process of this is not as simple as other ones.

  1. First download the cheat from below
  2. Once you have the cheat downloaded, make sure to launch the game
  3. While the game is running in the background, run an injector that supports thread hijacking (highly recommended: Extreme Injector)
  4. Run Extreme Injector as admin
    1. In injection method choose thread hijacking
    2. In injection options choose stealth inject
    3. In post inject options choose erase PE and Hide Module
  5. Choose the DLL file that you extracted from the archive
  6. Press Inject
  7. Boom, enjoy the cheat!

Developer Note:

My first hack! (and also my first actual C++ project)

It's lacking features and probably unstable, but I still want to share it anyway. Maybe some people who still play this defunct game might be interested.

Press Insert to bring up the menu. Press End to unload the menu.
Major props to "cracksuxer200" for the teleport to nucleus code.

Anti-anti-cheat & injector not included
This was only tested with the official launcher. Steam version isn't currently supported.

Features of Free Tower of Fantasy Hack | Infinite Energy, Mana & More
  • Aimbot
  • Draw Line To Target
  • Visible Check
  • Ignore Friendlies From Aimbot
  • Aimbot Smoothing
  • Aimbot Fov
  • Current Weapon
  • Skeletons
  • Distance
  • Names
  • 3d Boxes
  • Ignore Npc
  • Mob
  • Player Case Names
  • Head Circles
  • Skeletons
  • Distance To Player
  • Snaplines
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Mana
  • Unlock Map
  • Rapid Melee Attacks
  • Custom Time Dilation
  • Fov Changer
  • Freecam
  • No Fall Damage
  • Jump Z Velocity
  • Run Speed
  • Swim Speed
  • Unlimited Dodge
  • Unlimited Jump
  • Gravity
  • Fly Mode
  • Color Customization
  • Config
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