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Free PUBG No Recoil Macro Cheat | Razor Synapse

Free PUBG No Recoil Macro Cheat | Razor Synapse Free PUBG No Recoil Macro Cheat | Razor Synapse

With the Free PUBG No Recoil Macro Cheat, you can easily master the weapons. While playing Pubg, you need to master all kinds of subjects. You need to have good weapons to kill your enemies. It's hard to hit all the bullets you throw accurately. The bullets of some weapons bounce a lot, so it is difficult to hit the places you want. With the No Recoil feature of the cheat, you can easily dominate the weapons, easily kill all the opponents you want, and win a lot of games very easily.

It is a fun and easy to install cheat that will make your gaming experience easier and make you the best. By recommending it to your friends, you can form death machine teams and beat everyone and reach high levels and ranks. Don't forget to have fun.Do not forget to check out more diverse and comprehensive Free Pubg Hack and Cheat content on our site.

How to Use Free PUBG No Recoil Macro Cheat:

  1. Download Free PUBG No Recoil Macro Cheat file from below
  2. Extract that file into a place where you won’t forget
  3. Download and install Synapse if you haven’t already
  4. Import the hack into Synapse
  5. Set your DPI to 1800
  6. When assigning a key select the option ‘Play while assigned key is pressed’
  7. Enjoy and have tons of fun!

Developer Note:

I saw you guys complaining about the dpi being too high, so I lowered it from 2300 to 1800 (you can thank me later)
And yes the dpi is very important! other wise you won’t get the best results

Settings Graphics:

  • Rander Scale – 100
  • FPP Camera FOV – 100

Settings Controls

  • Vertical sensitivity – 1.0
  • Vertical sensitivity – 0.9 (with flashider)
  • Vertical sensitivity – 0.8 (with compensator)
  • Vertical sensitivity – 0.7 (with compensator and vertical grip)
  • ADS snsitivity – 34
  • Universal sensitivity for All scopes – Disable
  • 2x – 47
  • 3x – 57

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Free Download Free PUBG No Recoil Macro Cheat | Razor Synapse

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