Free Paladins Hack [Magic Buillet]

Free Paladins Hack [Magic Buillet] Free Paladins Hack [Magic Buillet]

If you're already skilled at Paladins, then steer clear of this discussion! Because this Free Paladins Hack a unique feature; Magic Bullet. While Paladins is a fun competitive game for many, it unfortunately harbors a considerable number of users employing cheats and hacks. If you've arrived here in search of a free Paladins hack, you're precisely in the right place. The best free-to-use Paladins hacks can be found on the cheater.ninja website.

I've tested this free Paladins Magic Buillet Hack, and I can confirm that it's not only perfect but also user-friendly. I played around 10 games without facing any bans. I've provided a few steps on how to download and use the free Paladins hack. Please refer to the following topic for instructions on downloading and utilizing the Paladins free hack.


Download the Magic Bullet.rar file from below.

Extract the Rar file to a folder; if it asks for a password, it is 123.

This hack is safe for the main account; for added safety, you can use the EAC bypass for Paladins.

You need to inject 2 times; copy the address with Ctrl+C, then paste the address with Ctrl+V.

I use an injector: 100% UNDETECTED INJECTOR for Win 11 and 10 EAC.

I've uploaded 2 DLLs, an injector, and a folder similar to the video for easy operation

Follow the video instructions: [Click to video instructions]

Features of Free Paladins Hack [Magic Buillet]
  • Magic Buillet
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  • Veedus

    it just crashes my game when i enter training mode to test the magic bullet

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    • Kerlex

      The injector crash my game

       (0)  (0) Reply
      • bot2

        The injector didn't, the DLL did

         (0)  (0)
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