Free LITEMACRO for Apex Legends & PUBG [Steam Version]

Free LITEMACRO for Apex Legends & PUBG  [Steam Version]

Welcome, I will talk about a Free LITEMACRO that will save you from a great burden. You can use the macro in both pubg game and apex legends. In this way, you can get a much better gaming experience. If your computer mouse is bad, don't worry. If you can't click very fast, don't worry because you can easily reach your request without any hassle thanks to the macro. You can also work in other games and try it as you wish. Very useful and reliable. We produce content for you.Don't forget to check out the Free Apex Legends Hack content on our site.

In Free LITEMACRO package you can see this macros:

  • Veryhighacc.lua – Good for VVS
  • Highacc.lua – Good for M416, AKM, Vector and etc
  • Midacc.lua – Good for SCAR, UMP and etc
  • Lowacc.lua – Good for P90 and etc
  • Disablemac.lua – Need to off the macro

This is legit macros, they made only for make recoil easier.

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  • Credits:
    maj0r & Sevenhelper
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