Free League of Legends Evolut Client Cheat 2023 (Skin Changer & More)

free league of legends evolut client cheat

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Free League of Legends Evolut Client Cheat provides you with skin changing rank changing, insta lock, auto-accept, and many other benefits.For example, does a friend of yours want to play the same character like you? That’s when you turn on the insta lock feature in the Free League of Legends Evolut Client Cheat and it quickly locks the hero you want to you. You can easily play with any hero you want and do whatever you want.If this cheat is not enough for you and you want to use different league of legends cheats, I would urge you to take advantage of our free League of Legends Hack and Cheat.

free league of legends evolut client cheat

How to Use Free League of Legends Evolut Client Cheat

Before starting, make sure you have met the following requirements:


  1. Run the game
  2. Inject the .dll file into “League of Legends.exe”
  3. Don’t forget to press INSERT key to show the menu.

Free League of Legends Evolut Client Cheat | Features

  • Skin Changer – Internal skin changer for your League of Legends (support for China version) Allow you to change your skin (only you can see) For china version check the switch D3DX9
  • Auto Ready – Allows you to auto accept a match when this found. Just enable the switch
  • Offline Chat mode – Allow you to disable chat communication (firewall must be enabled to work) If your region not work, please contact me, and send your region. (To be offline, will take 5-10 seconds after switching option)
  • Auto Queue / ReQueue – This preset will do auto queue and requeue (after game finish). This preset will skip honor and all notifications after game end. For draft/ranked the option Auto Preferred in Draft Mode will need to be enabled, and preferred positions be configurated.
  • Auto Pick – Normal Game – Will pick automatically your selected champion.
  • Auto Say – All modes – Will say anything your choice in Champ Selection.
  • Auto Rune – Will apply automatically runes (work in normal game and draft/ranked mode)
  • Auto Pick and Auto Ban (Draft/Ranked) – Choose automatically your champion or ban automatically selected champions. This will be based in your lane position.
  • Auto Spell Settings – Will apply spells automatically based in your position.
  • Preferred positions – Will set automatically your lanes when join in a lobby Just configure First lane and second lane.
  • Preferred rune pages – Select preferred rune pages which League of Legends Evolut Client Hack will use to auto rune.
  • Preferred Site Runes – Select preferred rune stats website (Blitz or LolAlytics)
  • Disenchant champions – Disenchant all your champion shards with one click.
  • Config – All configs are saved based in logged account.

free league of legends evolut client cheat

Extreme Injector v3.7
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This release doesn’t have some sort of spoof or security.
Feel free to modify.

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