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free gta v bbq mod menu

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Free GTA V BBQ Mod Menu is the newest and one of the best looking external cheat mods for Grand Theft Auto’s online multiplayer mode. It has tons of features when compared to some of the other mod menus for GTA out there such as Kiddion’s Modest Menu, which is arguably the best external mod menu for GTA out there that is both free as well as undetected. GTA V Mod Menu allows you to play your favorite game modes that are not currently supported by official patches of Grand Theft Auto V..

Up to now there have only been a few machinima mods for Grand Theft Auto V and none of them have enabled you to play online with your friends. This is where the GTA 5 Online Mod Menu comes in. It’s one of the best looking external mods for GTA V, features tons of features including a interface for doing events, multiplayer cheat menu and more.

The Free GTA V BBQ Mod Menu is a very user-friendly and easy to use cheats menu for the online multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V. It allows you to do hundreds of things from quick cash making to altering your own stats, without having to spend your whole time on the road driving aimlessly around Carl’s house shooting fools with an assault rifle or by just clicking around a menu. The menu contains tons of features that will interest anybody who has a since those consoles perfect way to play online games over PC via split screen modes thanks to its better graphics card support and better internet connectivity.

free gta v bbq mod menu

How to Use Free GTA V BBQ Mod Menu

  1. First things first, download the Free GTA V BBQ Mod Menu from below, just click on the button
  2. Once the download process has been finished, extract the Free GTA V BBQ Mod Menu into another folder
  3. Launch GTA and go into an online lobby if you haven’t already
  4. Open the folder where the mod menu is contained and run it as admin
  5. Boom, now enjoy the hell out of it!

Note from the dev

VK_DIVIDE: Fill Current Ammo
VK_MULTIPLY: Fill All Ammo
INS: Show Hide Menu
END: Quit Menu

i forgot to add these hotkeys to the UI, but you can edit them in config.json

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