Free GTA 5 Online Radic Mod Menu 1.63

free gta 5 online radic mod menu

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Free GTA 5 Online Radic Mod Menu is an amazing Cheat Menu for GTAO that has an amazing amount of features which is very which when compared to some other Mod Menus such as external ones. Other than that it is not a list type that you have to navigate via number keys meaning that you can use it with your own cursor.

From the self player options that will change how your player works (godmode would be a pretty good example), to the troll cheat features with which you can mess with other online players in your lobby, you will be very satisfied with this Free GTA 5 Online Radic Mod Menu.

And if you are looking for other types of mod menus such as the list type ones, you should definitely check out more of our Free Mod Menus for GTA 5 Online that we have post on our website.

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Free GTA 5 Online Radic Mod Menu 1.61

Free GTA 5 Online Radic Mod Menu | Feature Tabs

  • Self options
  • Mobile
  • Spawn (vehicles)
  • Teleport (to your mark, pre-specified locations)
  • Vehicle (edit your current vehicle)
  • Weapons
  • Spoofing (spoof online stats)
  • Session (change host etc.)
  • Recovery (get RP, money and more)
  • Settings (mod menu settings)
  • Debug
  • Players (online player options, teleport, troll etc.)


  • Open: Keyboard: Insert
  • Up: Mouse Cursor
  • Down: Mouse Cursor
  • Back: Backspace
  • Select: Mouse Click
  • Change Key: Hotkey

How to Use the Free GTA 5 Online Radic Mod Menu

  1. First of all download the mod menu from the below
  2. Extract the files from the archive
  3. Run the program as admin “Radic Launcher.exe” and they pop-up a menu.
  4. Click  “Get License” Button, and complete the step.
  5. Run GTA V Online [Using Steam, Epic Games, or Rockstar Launcher]
  6. Click Inject menu and injecting click Insert. [Make sure you downloaded the required files.]
  7. Enjoy & have fun!

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