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free gta 5 car editor cheat

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You can easily edit all your cars with the Free GTA 5 Car Editor Cheat. One of the most loved things in gta 5 is cars. It has a very high quality and enjoyable driving experience. The vehicles have high speeds and you can have fun as much as you want. You can customize the cars and easily build the car of your dreams. After carefully installing the car of your dreams, you can drive with pleasure. You may be different from your friends. Customized cars can be different in every respect and you can be much faster than normal cars. Don’t forget to check out the Free Gta V Hack and Cheat content in different styles on our site.

How to Install Free GTA 5 Car Editor Cheat

  1. Download the car editor
  2. Extract the files inside a folder
  3. Start GTA 5 and go into an online session. The type of the session doesn’t matter
  4. Start LSCHaX.exe
  5. Enjoy 🙂

Free GTA 5 Car Editor Cheat – Features

  • Permormace Options
  • Vehicle Body Options
  • Wheel Options
  • Color Options
  • Max Out
  • Modify Vehicle
  • Toggle Infinite Ammo
  • Elegy Max Out
  • Manual Mode

How To Make Money With Free GTA 5 Car Editor Cheat

Developer Notes

Simple car editor while in modshop.
Also usable as a moneymaking method by changing cars to elegy custom.
Just in case you wanted to have a BeeJay XL with a bodybag on the seats.

More information:
Made for version 1.59
Doesn’t use any natives whatsoever.

Doesn’t work on some computers. Fixed in v3.
Doesn’t attach to game properly -> Close any window that is named ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (file browser included) | Will be fixed in v4

Tested compatability:
Win7 SC
Win7 Steam
Win10 Steam

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