Free Fortnite Exotic Hack

free fortnite exotic hack

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Free Fortnite Exotic Hack is a great hack with ESP, Aimbot, Mods, Exploits, Visual hacks and many more that you can download for free on this site. So, what are you missing by reading this and not downloading the cheat? A lot.

With Free Fortnite cheats, you can use every kind of hack features that you have always wanted use. Aimbot? It is there, and with 3 different modes! Visuals? Everything from Enemy ESP to Item Wallhack is there. How about Mods and Exploits? No Spread / Recoil hack (which is absolutely my favorite) is definitely one of the best among all those features.

But you should not forget the extremely fun features like Vehicle Fly and Rapid Fire (Rate Modifier) which make every single round of Fortnite insanely fun to play, especially with friends! (Although make sure, they do no turn against you and report you which would put your account in danger)

free fortnite exotic hack

How to Use Fortnite Free Fortnite Exotic Hack

Like all of the cheats and softwares you can find and download on our website, Free Fortnite Exotic hack is not much different from them and very easy to install, setup and use as well. Just follow these easy steps and you will be good to go in a couple of minutes:

  1. Make sure ur anti virus or windows defender is off !
  2. Make sure ur faceit / vanguard anti cheat is off !
  3. Make sure u are not in game !
  4. After u did all steps above drag drv.sys into kdmapper.exe
  5. Open Fortnite and run svchost.exe IN LOBBY !
  6. Enjoy! @FONDO#0002

If u have any problems make sure u create ticket on official discord server:

Features of Free Fortnite Exotic Hack

This cheat has tons features that you can download right now and explore yourself but now I am just going to tell you about the most important ones:

  • Aimbot (With 3 different mods)
  • Visuals / Wallhack (Enemy, Item ESP)
  • Mods and Exploits like No Spread, Rapid Fire and Vehicle Fly

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  • don’t work this cheat is fake aimbot don’t work esp don’t work only esp work lmao delate this

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