Free Fall Guys Hack 2023 | FlyingGuys External Cheat v1.0.3

Free Fall Guys Hack 2023 | FlyingGuys External Cheat v1.0.3 Free Fall Guys Hack 2023 | FlyingGuys External Cheat v1.0.3

Free Fall Guys Hack is an amazing External Cheat called FlyingGuys that lets Speedhack, use Gravity Hack and do much more. The cheat supports the Steam version of Fall Guys as well as the Epic Games Store version.

If you search for some Free Fall Guys Cheats and Hacks, on the internet, chances are you will not find any functioning properly because of the latest major update that the game has recieved which has made it completely free to play for anyone on the Epic Games Store (where you can also find tons of other amazing games btw, definitely recommended).

Fall Guys had it hype moments but after its initial release, it has been pretty much out of the gaming scene and nobody and no developer has made the effort to bring back cheating in Fall Guys. Sure there might be a few paid ones on some sketchy websites, but this FlyingGuys External Hack is truly the Best Free Fall Guys Hack out there right now.

Free Fall Guys Hack

Free Fall Guys Hack | Features & Hotkeys


  • Modify Max Speed/Speed Hack
  • Modify Gravity
  • No Collision (EXPERIMENTAL)


  • Insert = Open Menu
  • Home = Increase Max Speed
  • End = Decrease Max Speed
  • PageUp = Increase Gravity
  • PageDown = Decrease Gravity

How to Utilize the Free Fall Guys Hack

Using this cheat seems pretty straightforward right? All you have to do is turn on the feature that you would want to use in the game and have fun with it. But that should not be how you approach to the whole thing because being reported for cheating in the game incredible easy, especially if you are using features like Fall Guys Speed Hack or Fall Guys Fly Hack.

Free Fall Guys Hack | Speed Hack

First, let us talk about the Max Speed Modification feature, a.k.a Speed Hack. This feature can be found as a slider in the menu of Free Fall Guys Hack. Although this feature is pretty self-explanatory, you should only use this hack on low value such as 120% - 150%. This is recommended because using this with high percentages can make you look very sus to other players and they probably will end up reporting you.


Free Fall Guys Hack | Gravity / Fly Hack

Secondly, the Fall Guys Fly Hack / Fall Guys Gravity Hack. This feature lets you adjust the value of the in-game gravity physics that affect your player and your player only. So, do not think that this also has an effect on other players as well. The same thing about the Speed Hack also goes for this feature as you should also be carefuly while using this in order to seem legit.


How to Use the Free Free Fall Guys Hack

You may be asking yourself how to use FlyGuys External, well it is extremely easy as all you have to do is just run the cheat after you have started your game. But if you require more help on downloading and extracting the cheat from its download archive, here are some easy steps for you to follow.

  1. First and foremost, downlaod the cheat from our website by clicking on the download button below. Make sure your antivirus does not block the download
  2. After that, extract the hack file from the archive using an archive extractor (built-in Windows extractor, 7zip or WINRAR are good choices)
  3. Now that we have the cheat ready, you just need to have Fall Guys itself up and running, so launch the game from your desired launcher
  4. Once the game is running, open the folder where you have the cheat stored and double click on it run it with admin rights.
  5. You should see on the popped-up CMD window that the cheat has been injected, enjoy the fun!

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Free Download Free Fall Guys Hack 2023 | FlyingGuys External Cheat v1.0.3

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