Free CSGO NEPS Cheat – Best Multihack for CSGO 2021

free csgo neps cheat

 Last Version: 12/11/2021

 Developers: River Hyperbola Report Cheat

Free CSGO NEPS Cheat is amazing Multihack based on the famous CSGO Osiris Cheat that belongs to the Cheats & Hacks for CS:GO category

You might be familiar with the most popular Open Source Hack for CSGO Osiris which is the cheat that this Free CSGO NEPS Cheat is based on. It’s reskinned, meaning that it has a more user friendly Menu / GUI (Graphical User Interface) that is improved on Osiris’. On top of that it has the improved and / or fixed versions Osiris’ absolutely amazing rich features. Here is Osiris if you would like to check that out as well

Before getting into How to Use the cheat itself and its specific features that it contains, I would like to talk about some of the functions that it has that I am an absolute fan of.

sv_pure bypass is one of these. What it does is that is bypasses CS:GO’s server pure rule which makes sure that the game’s files are not corrupted, edited, modified or deleted. Bypassing that means that you can use modded / modified versions of the game’s files such as custom weapon models, skin, agents, knives, maps and many more.

Other than it has some other exploits like Anti AFK Kick, Fast Duck / Crouch and Moonwalk. But my other favorite has to be the Skin Changer, which allows you to change your gloves, knives, weapon skins, player models / agents and many more such as weapon skin seed, stickers etc. I am certainly a fan of this feature as it is not a detected feature (considering that you use a VACBypass) which lets you play CS:GO Competitive without putting your account in risk.

free csgo neps cheat

free csgo neps cheat – best multihack for cs:go 2021

How to Use Free CSGO NEPS Cheat

  1. Download the Free CSGO NEPS Cheat
  2. Extract the RAR file anywhere you like on your computer
  3. Use Vac Bypasser [Optional]
  4. Launch CS:GO via Steam
  5. Download an injector of your choice
  6. Open the injector and select the Free CSGO NEPS Cheat dll file and inject it inot the game
  7. You should see a pop up that says NEPS is now injected, press DEL [Delete] on your keyboard to open the cheat menu
  8. Have fun and play safe!

If you have problems while using the Free CSGO NEPS Cheat, you can always ask help in our Discord server  joindiscord

Free CSGO NEPS Cheat – Features

  • Aimbot
    • Aimlock
    • Silent
    • Friendly fire
    • Visible only
    • Scoped only
    • Ignore flash
    • Ignore smoke
    • Auto shot
    • and more…
  • Triggerbot
    • Friendly fire
    • Visible only
    • Scoped only
    • Ignore flash
    • Ignore smoke
    • and more…
  • Backtrack
    • Ignore smoke
    • Recoild based FOV
    • Time limit
    • On shot
    • Aim at records
  • Anti-aim
    • Change yaw
    • Fake pitch up
    • Change pitch degree
    • Desync
    • Fake duck
    • Change fake duck packets
    • Change choked packtes

csgo vhr5fidi4n

  • Chams
    • Allies / Enemies / Planting / Defusing / Backtrack / Local player / Desync / Weapon
    • Change material
    • Change color
    • Health based chams
    • Wireframe chams
    • Cover
    • Blinking chams
    • Ignore-Z (Wallhack)
  • Glow
    • Allies / Enemies / Planting / Defusing / Local player / Weapons / C4 / Planted C4
    • Change color
    • Health based color
    • Change style
    • Full bloom
  • ESP
    • Enemies (Visible / Occluded / Dormant) / Allies┬á(Visible / Occluded / Dormant) / Weapons
    • Tracer
    • Name
    • Flash duration
    • Audible
    • Head boxHealth bar
    • and more…
  • Visuals
    • Disable post-processing
    • Inverse ragdoll gravity
    • No fog / aim punch / hands / weapons / shadows / scope overlay / 3d sky / view punch / sleeves / blur / grass
    • Normal / Force / Disable Crosshair
    • and more…


  • Skin Changer
    • Seed
    • StatTrak
    • Wear
    • Quality
    • Knife


  • Sound
    • Hit sound
    • Kill sound
    • Death sound
    • Chicken volume
  • Griefing
    • Change name
    • Fake ban name
    • Fake prime
    • Vote reveal
    • Name stealer
    • and more…
  • Exploits
    • Anti AFK kick
    • Fast duck
    • Moonwalk
    • Slowwalk
    • Bypass sv_pure
    • Deatchmacth godmode
  • Movement
    • Bunnyhop
    • Autostrafe
    • Edge jump
    • Fast stop
  • Misc
    • Chane menu key (Default is DEL)
    • Full-auto
    • Fast plant
    • Auto reload
    • Auto accept
    • Quick reload
    • Prepare revolver
    • Quick healthshot
    • and more…


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