Free CSGO MultiHack - Sakara Project 2023

Free CSGO MultiHack - Sakara Project 2023 Free CSGO MultiHack - Sakara Project 2023

Hey, haven't you tried the Free CSGO MultiHack Sakara Project yet? This awesome hack used to be paid for and really a lot of customers were using this free csgo hack but now it has become a totally free csgo hack.

Its features are really enough to impress its users, its features are reminiscent of CS:GO Osiris MultiHack, but its developer is very sensitive about it and regularly releases updates.

If this Free CSGO MultiHack made you like yourself, be sure to give your opinions in the comments. Below are the instructions for this Sakara CSGO MultiHack Script. Happy Cheating ;)

Frequently Asked Questions ;

Here you will find Frequently Asked Questions about Free CSGO MultiHack - Sakara Project and their answers

  • How to Use this Free CSGO MultiHack: just download the dll file, and run CS:GO and then inject it with a manual map injector, e.g. Shtreeba, etc..
  • Where is Congif's: in documents/sakara/
  • Any Lua Scripts: I made some scripts just for testing stuff, I’ll publish scripts API soon if anyone interested in making scripts
  • Is it safe on my main: trust factor, and no I don’t recommend Sakara MultiHack cheating on main unless you know what you are doing,

Regarding Trust factor:

Starting from the last csgo update (3kliksphilip music kit update) I noticed one of my accounts was thrown into red trust factor, and it was strange as it was only one account and other users reported the same, also the linux version got hit,

I know valve didn’t updated vac on linux, no new vac modules I can dump, so I made some investigation it’s may be a feature detection, using only visuals no aimbot, no backtrack, no flash reduction, just esp and chams didn’t drop trust factor, so to be on the safe side only Sakara MultiHack on alts and use visuals only, or may be aimbot with high smoothness low speed but that’s at your own risk…. and yeah many other big P2C got hit after that update, I don’t know why nobody talks about it here… Anyway, I’ll fix these issues once I have time for it, I may or may not release the source.


  • Fixed radar overlay crashes in some maps (cs_agency) due to loading radar texture in wrong dxt format.
  • Removed logo and name of P2C in watermark.
  • Fixed the option of enabling blurred watermark background.
  • Fixed standalone RCS being silent.
  • Fixed spacing in Keybind widgets [https://i.imgur.com/YMG1cc4.png].
  • Added fix for mouse delta, bypass for community server side AC.
  • Do not overwrite flashMaxAlpha when flash reduction is disabled (From osiris).

Features of Free CSGO MultiHack - Sakara Project 2023
  • Aimbot
  • Esp
  • Glow
  • Chams
  • Hitchance
  • Rcs
  • Silent Aim
  • Auto Wallhack
  • Triggerbot
  • Backtrack
  • Visuals
  • Third Person
  • No Smoke
  • No Molotov And Etc..
  • No Recoil
  • Radar Overlay
  • Inventory Hack
  • Auto Accept
  • Anti Afk Kick
  • Force Cluster Relay
  • Keybinds
  • Players List
  • Movement
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