Free CSGO MiniCheater [AHK] v1.3

free csgo minicheater

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Hi Dear CSGO Hack members, today we are sharing a new free and safe Free CSGO MiniCheater.
This Free CSGO MiniCheater contains many functions for you and is a simple but safe Hack for CS:GO made with AutoHotkey [AHK].

As the website, we continue to share the latest Free CSGO Cheats and Hacks. We care about your safety as much as you do. Remember you have to use this Free CSGO cheat to troll your friends and have fun. All cheats on our website are developed for entertainment and educational purposes. CSGO Cheats are easily detectable by Valve Anti Cheat [VAC] these days – though not that well – because they are internal and injected as dll files.

They also contain many cheat features that are risky and possibly VAC flagged. You don’t have to worry about these as this whole trick is encoded in AHK and has absolutely nothing to do with the internal dlls that put your account at risk. To run the Free CSGO MiniCheater, simply follow the simple steps given below. After running the program, you may encounter some extra steps, just follow the instructions given in the cmd window and you will be able to access the cheat menu.

free csgo minicheater

Features of Free CSGO MiniCheater

  • Box FOV
  • Crosshair Menu
    • F2 to show/hide gui crosshair
    • F3 to delete crosshair
  • No Scope Square
  • BunnyHop
    • [F1=Toggle]
  • Rapid Fire
  • Tool
  • Glow ESP and radar hack will be added in the next update!

How to Use Free CSGO MiniCheater ?

  1. Click on the download button down below and download CSGO MiniCheater Cheat
  2. When the download process has finished, you will see that the files are packed and compressed rar file.
    Extract those files from the archive using an archive extractor tool like WINRAR
  3. Download and setup AutoHotKey (AHK) if you haven’t already:
    You need this in order to be able to run the script since it’s based on it)
  4. Launch CS:GO via Steam
  5. Navigate to the folder where you extracted all of the files and run the exe file
  6. Enjoy and have fun!

Dev Note: (the script its in ahk but not gui)

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