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I recommend you this Free CSGO Hack TechExternal. You can use this Free CS:GO cheat known as VAC security with peace of mind and the locations of your opponents behind the objects will shine for you.I’m making a new post because I changed everything to English and in the other post I have an error to edit

How to use Free CSGO Hack TechExternal ?

  1. Download TechExternal.exe
  2. Run CS:GO
  3. Run TechExternal.exe as Administrator
  4. Enjoy.

Features of Free CSGO Hack:

  • Glow (Always enabled)
  • Bhop (Press SPACE to active)
  • Aimbot(Press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to active)
  • TriggerBot (Default button is SHIFT)

Obs: add config.ini to “C:” like “C:\config.ini”



  • Updated Offsets
  • Added Require Admin privileges (to run perfect)

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