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free apex legends spoofer

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 Developers: Zedvy Report Cheat

You can login to Apex Legends with the Free Apex Legends Spoofer. If you have been banned from the game by using Free Apex Legends Hack and Cheat content, this application will be the solution for you. It will allow you to enter the game easily by changing your HWID serial number. You can log in to the game through a different account. You can reach unlimited entertainment and much more again. In short, it is a quality application that comes to your aid.

free apex legends spoofer

Free Apex Legends Spoofer Usage:

  1. Download and Open the file.
  2. Start load.bat(without Administrator)
  3. Thats finished

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  • it’s been 2 days I’m banned HWID on apex I created like 5-6 account 1 game I was instantly banned or in the shooting range I was banned with it it’s been 2 hours now I play without problem thank you!

  • how do i use it do i need to run all the load.bat files?do i run the exe file before it or after?

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