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Free Among Us Menu Cheat

Free Among Us Menu Cheat

Hello, now I will tell you about the Free Among Us Menu Cheat and I will explain it as much as I can. Among Us was a very popular game at the time. The logic of the game is who is the murderer? The killer sabotages certain places and kills people. Innocents try to win the game by doing certain tasks. It tries to survive. When the siren is pressed, there is a vote and people there are discussing who the murderer is. That's it in short.

I think the cheat is better than the others because it has a lot of features and they are useful. It allows you to win the game quickly. You can troll your friends and have fun. Or you can hang out in the rooms out of boredom. Since its features are plentiful, you can spot people and destroy them. If you are a murderer, the game will be much more enjoyable for you, you can destroy everyone.

How to run the Free Among Us Menu Cheat?

  1. Download the Free Among Us Menu Cheat and extract it to the desktop as a folder.
  2. You need an ordinary injector. You can find it on our site.
  3. Open the game and inject ''Among Us Menu.dll''.
  4. Version Proxy (version.dll) Will automatically be loaded by the Game itself if the dll is in the game directory
  5. Good Game

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How to use Among Us Hack

Normal (AmongUsMenu.dll)

Inject it with any injector you have. The "resources" folder needs to be in the same path as the dll.

Version (version.dll)

Will automatically be loaded by the Game itself if the dll is in the game directory. Make sure to include the "resources" folder into the same path as the game directory too.

Default Hotkeys

  • Show Menu - DELETE
  • Show Radar - INSERT
  • Show Console - HOME
  • Show Replay - END
  • Repair Sabotage - PAGE DOWN (PgDn)

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