Free Among Us Hack BitCrackers

Free Among Us Hack BitCrackers Free Among Us Hack BitCrackers

Among Us Hack BitCrackers is a basic free to download Mod with features like become Impostor, Crewmate or Ghost, No Kill Cooldown, etc.

Simplicity Cheats offers pretty much every fundamental Among Us Hack BitCrackers features that you need in game. The most popular obviously being Impostor Hack, No Kill Cooldown and maybe Speedhack if you want to be super fast while going after crewmates. But do not that all of these features will function more smoothly and properly if you are the host of the lobby.

Can I get banned by using Cheats for Among Us Hack BitCrackers

No, you cannot, as Simplicity Cheats is completely undetected at the time being. Although make sure you visit our website daily, so that you are always up to date with the cheat statuses (Undetected, Detected or Outdated) for the cheats that you have download from our website.

And even if the cheat was detected, it would not put your account in risk since Among Us' Anti Cheat is not like other games'. If the game sees and realizes that you are using 3rd party software which is reading Among Us.exe's memory, it will kick you our of the lobby you are in and you can join another one. So, this means your account should not banned whatsoever.


Downloading Among Us Hack BitCrackers, installing and using this hack is easy as any other you can find out there on the internet. Go along with these simple steps that you might already be familiar with and the cheat is all yours!

  1. Like you always do, start by downloading the hack down below
  2. After the download process has been finished, open the rar archive that has been downloaded. Extract the dll file which is in there and put it in a folder / directory of your choice
  3. Now that you successfully downloaded and extracted the cheat, you need an injector in order to inject the dll file into Among Us
    You can find many different injectors on our website: https://cheater.ninja/injectors
  4. Downlod the one that you like the most and put it in the same folder / directory as the dll cheat file
  5. Now we can start the injection process; Start Among Us either through Steam or Epic Games
  6. Run the injector that you have downloaded
  7. Select the dll cheat file in the injector and select the Among Us process
  8. And press Inject
  9. Finally, you can enjoy the beautiness of this great hack, press Insert [INS] to toggle the menu
  10. Enjoy and stay sus!


There is a new release out ! (v1.2.13). We added the ability to chat with other AUM users. To do so, go into the Game Tab and enable AUM Chat. A new window will appear where you will be able to chat with other AUM users in your lobby/game. Enjoy!

Features of Free Among Us Hack BitCrackers

  • Turn Into An Impostor
  • Turn Into A Crewmate
  • Become Dead
  • Ghost Hack
  • Spectator No Kill Cooldown
  • Endlessemergency Meetings
  • Speedhack
  • And Etc..
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Free Download Free Among Us Hack BitCrackers

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  • HiraganaScr

    can't inject 32 bit in 64 bit.

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    • nige476

      found out how to use itn works great thanks ;]

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      • nige476

        when i click insert all that comes up is a little map with people on no mod menu

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