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Fishing Bot for New World - New World Free Cheats 2021

Fishing Bot for New World - New World Free Cheats 2021 Fishing Bot for New World - New World Free Cheats 2021

Fishing Bot for New World is a free tool which you can download that fishes automatically for you in New World while you can stay AFK the whole time

Fishing can be awfully boring in the newly released game New World which was developed by the very popular online shopping platform Amazon. Fishing can really grant some great prizes as well as resources which means that it is definitely worth your time. But it doesn't really have to be as you can just download this Fishing Bot for New World and just stay AFK, do whatever you want and this bot will automatically keep fishing and gain those rewards for you. On top of that you do not even have to come back to your computer and repair your rod, this bot even does that for you!

Other than that you might have noticed that this script runs on AutoHotkey (AHK). This normally means that you would have to have AHK installed on your computer and then run the script, but in this case this Fishing Bot for New World comes with a low budget compiled version of AHK, which mean that you do not have it install it from their website!

How to Install & Use Fishing Bot for New World

Without reading and following these steps, you might run into issues while installing this bot, so, make sure you carefully read these and follow them carefully.

  1. Start by downloading the Fishing Bot for New World, which will be downloaded as a rar file
  2. After it has been downloaded, navigate to your Downloads folder and extract the files in that rar archive into a folder of your choice
  3. Now start New World
  4. Place yourself and the camera before water with a fishing pole in your hand
  5. Set your settings in the tool and click on Execute
  6. Now get away from your keyboard, mouse and just relax!

P.S.: It only works in Fullscreen, with the default visual settings of New World and with the resolution 1920x1080

Features of Fishing Bot for New World

  • First Tension - is the time in ms for holding m1 after a fish bites
  • Hold Tension - is the time in ms for holding m1 after the first time (every second reel in, is only the half of it)
  • Tension Sleep - is the time in ms for not holding m1 while reeling in
  • Anti AFK Time - is the time in ms when the script moves the character a bit (default 5 mins)
  • Repair Time - is the time in ms when the script repairs your pole (default 15 mins)

Developer Notes

Hey Guys,
I come with a Low Budget Version of a Fishing Bot for New World written in AutoHotKeys 1.1 former AHK_L

It was never intended to be working, neither was my plan to write a Bot for it, but I was really pissed that I get constantly kicked for legit fishing and I thought "Well, let's see what it takes to detect the Circle" and it turned out, that you can actually get something to work with only 2 PixelSearches, 5 Position Pixel checks and alot of Thread Sleeps.

You can turn of Anti AFK and / or Repair, by leave the fields blank or set it to 0

The rest are the Key Settings for New World, the bot makes use out of.

If you change any value in any field, it will create a Low Budget Config after you executed it.
To restore Default values, delete this file and restart the Application.
To stop the Script, you can spam F5 and hope he will notice it once, or you use the more efficient Low Budget Method and just close the Application Window

For those of you, who don't have AHK 1.1 installed and don't consider to do so, there is a Low Budget compiled Version included.

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Free Download Fishing Bot for New World - New World Free Cheats 2021

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