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field trip z script

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Roblox gamers who enjoy zombie-themed games like Field Trip Z may appreciate this Field Trip Z Script by SalatBlitz. Features of this hacked application’s graphical user interface are as follows:

Features of Field Trip Z Script

  • God Mode
  • Give Items
  • Heal
  • And More!

Although though it only supports a few of features like goods (Donut, Bandage, MedKit), Heal, and God Mode, it is indisputable that it is the most dependable script available today. Field Trip Z stands apart from the competition when it comes to zombie video games.

field trip z script

In Field Trip Z, you get to decide how your experience unfolds. You won’t even have to worry about zombies at first; instead, you’ll be sent to a regular high school to take part in classroom lessons and other mundane duties.

Rather than being instantly thrown into a frenzy of slaughter upon beginning the game, as is the case with most zombie games, you will have time to explore the landscape and dodge the undead while the plot develops.

How to Use Field Trip Z Script

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