FenixMulti Garrys Mod Hack

FenixMulti Garrys Mod Hack FenixMulti Garrys Mod Hack

 If you're seeking generic rage features, this isn't the FenixMulti Garrys Mod Hack you're looking for; our project is quite minimal in that regard.

My friend took the lead on most of the project, but unfortunately, he's currently struggling with personal issues. I recently went down a coding rabbit hole with a friend for a week, and we successfully integrated some fascinating functionalities into our software. If we receive substantial feedback, there's a chance he might return from his hiatus and introduce additional features.

Fire approximately one second's worth of bullets almost instantly.

Time Warp:
Play at a 23-tick speed, perfect for achieving infinite momentum on servers and having some fun with trolling.

Time Travel:
Go both forward and backward in time, ideal for those moments when your aiming skills falter.

Client-Side Aimbot Detection:
Identify suspicious flick shots from other players (angles of 40º or more). However, it may not work perfectly.

ESP and Chams:
These features are not visible to screen grabbers, nor is the menu.

Usage Instructions:

Download FenixMulti Garrys Mod Hack
Download any injector (check working injectors category)
Inject into hl2.exe
Press "Insert" to open the menu; press "End" to uninject.
To activate rapidfire, hold "F" and click (no need to hold).
Allow 1-2 seconds for the recharge.

Features of FenixMulti Garrys Mod Hack

  • Client-side Aimbot Detection
  • Time Travel
  • Time Warp
  • Quickshot
  • Esp And Chams
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