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EA DLC Unlocker

EA DLC Unlocker EA DLC Unlocker

EA DLC Unlocker v2 - Elevate Your Gaming Experience! ?

Unlock the full potential of your favorite EA games with the EA DLC Unlocker v2, crafted by the renowned anadius. Whether you're a Sims enthusiast or diving into other EA titles, this DLC unlocker for Origin and EA Desktop ensures you have access to all the content you desire.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Run "setup.bat".
  2. Select "Install" to effortlessly install the Unlocker. The script automatically detects your platform (EA Desktop or Origin).
  3. Choose "Add/Update game config" and select your game.
  4. Download additional DLC files if needed (links provided on the website and CS RIN thread).

 Uninstallation Instructions:

  1. Run "setup.bat".
  2. Select "Uninstall".

Updates and New DLCs:

  • Check the changelog in the CS RIN thread for new DLCs.
  • Automatic updates for The Sims 4 DLCs.
  • For other games, redownload the Unlocker and update game config manually.
  • Configure automatic updates in "config.ini."

No-Hassle Game Updates:

  • Update your game without touching the Unlocker.
  • Keep Origin and EA Desktop updated for seamless functionality.

 Manual Installation Instructions:

  1. Disable Origin/EA Desktop from autostart and reboot your PC.
  2. Open the folder with Origin/EA Desktop.
  3. Copy the appropriate "version.dll" to the folder.
  4. Create "C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\anadius\EA DLC Unlocker v2."
  5. Copy "config.ini" and desired game configs to the created folder.
  6. (EA Desktop only) Execute a command prompt as administrator and follow the provided command.

 For Wine/Proton Users:

  • Run the setup script manually as Wine doesn't support it.
  • Follow the manual installation instructions (excluding the 6th step).

Test the Unlocker; if issues persist:

  • Open "winecfg."
  • Navigate to "Libraries" and add "version."
  • Set it to "Native then Builtin."
  • Enjoy your unlocked DLCs!

Unlock new realms of gaming possibilities with EA DLC Unlocker v2 – Your Gateway to Complete Gaming Freedom!

Features of EA DLC Unlocker

  • Unlock All
  • Dlc
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