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dota 2 simple hack

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Dota 2 Simple Hack is a useful cheat with the features that you will only need in the game, by having the ability to remove the fog of war, changing the camera distance (zoom hack) or even the change the weather itself. With this hack you can really improve your gameplay experience and be such an amazing player.

The Dota 2 Simple Hack is an amazing cheat, full of features that will help you dominate your enemies. With this hack you can disable the fog of war on the map – including all abilities that apply to it – or change the camera distance so you can scout enemy locations, without them knowing what you are doing. You can even change the weather, removing unwanted elements and making sure that the game is far easier for you! This is one of the most powerful and easy to use cheats in our collection!

dota 2 simple hack

Dota 2 Simple Hack | Features

  • Display overlay if visible by enemy team(hero,creeps,towers etc..)
  • Draw blink dagger range
  • Change camera distance
  • Change weather
  • Remove fog
  • Particle map hack( Can see enemy tp and aoe skill effects Sample Vid )
  • Scan for vbe offsets

How to Use Dota 2 Simple Hack

  1. Download the Dota 2 Simple Hack from our website
  2. Extract all the files into its separate folder of your choice
  3. Download any dll injector with manual map( preferably xenos injector and build it from source ).
  4. Inject dll to dota2.exe( Manual Map )
  5. Enable features ingame
  6. Press insert to show menu.
  7. Press Delete to exit hack.


Everytime a match ends press reset options.

There is an issue where sometimes the visible appears even if you are not visible by enemy, this happens because m_flStartSequenceCycle starts from 0.0 and then increase up to 1.0( the new vbe value is = 0 and not vbe = 0.01-0.9)
so everytime you press stop or start moving your character m_flStartSequenceCycle will start from 0 and it will then display as visible for a moment. im working on a way to fix it soon.

If vbe is not working because of an update the last offset of vbe will be pointing to a wrong address (other offsets is unlikely to change).
To fix this we need to scan for the new offset. Create a bot match then ingame click Rescan vbe button. after that make your self visible to the enemy team and then press rescan vbe button again(check console). it will automatically save the updated offset in the offsets.ini(located in the same path of dota2.exe)

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