Dota 2 Hack | Skills ESP, Camera Distance, Free DotaPlus

Dota 2 Hack | Skills ESP, Camera Distance, Free DotaPlus

With the Dota 2 Hack, you can have much better and special privileges in the game. Dota 2 is a fun moba game. Protecting the corridors given to you with your characters. You can fight your enemies in the corridors and win the game by protecting strategic areas. You can see the location of your enemies with the cheat. You can dominate them. With Camera Distance, you can have much better fields of view. With Free DotaPlus, you can easily establish superiority for free. In short, cheating will make you the best. In short, it will make you the best player. Dota 2 Hack

Features Dota 2 Hack

  • True Sight
  • Linken's Sphere
  • Illusion
  • Latest Enemy Pos
  • Roshan Timer
  • Enemy HP \ Mana \ Mana Bar

Ability ESP

  • Invoker: Sun Strike
  • Lina: Light Strike Array
  • Kunkka: Torrent
  • Spirit Breaker: Charge of Darkness
  • Sniper: Assassinate


  • Camera Distance - Set any camera height
  • fog_enable - Turns off the fog of war (gray haze)
  • fow_client_nofiltering - Removes fogging of war
  • dota_use_particle_fow - Display of all effects in the fog of war


  • Dota Plus Unlock - Unlock Dota Plus
  • Auto Accept - Automatically accepts the game
  • Mute Sound When Speek - Mutes the sound in Dota while you're chatting. For those who don't play with headphones ?
  • LastHit Marker - Marks creeps you can finish off in red
  • Weather - Change the weather
  • River Type - Replacing the river effect

How To Use Dota 2 Hack

  • Download below and put the Crimson Setup.exe in winrar to the desktop.
  • Run the Crimson Setup.exe.
  • In the Settings tab check the box (Free Version)
  • Menu open Delete key

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