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destruction simulator script

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In this free Roblox Destruction Simulator Script, the player receives infinite money, swiftly reaches the game’s maximum level, and all weapons and explosives are unlocked and free to use!

Destruction Simulator by Roblox is a game in which players may demolish items and get prizes for doing so. With those costs, they may then unlock more destruction items for higher provides free scripts and game hacks so you may fully enjoy the game Destruction Simulator without spending hours unlocking all stuff.

Features Of Destruction Simulator Script;

  • Auto Sell
  • XP Mulitplier
  • Gun Mods
  • And More

Destruction Simulator’s primary purpose is to demolish various structures with explosive launchers, collect prizes by destroying items, and spend awards to enhance players’ rocket stockpile. Each level presents new chances; yet, greater constructions must be destroyed.

destruction simulator script

How To Use Destruction Simulator Script:

There are many scripts for Destruction Simulator, and today we will present one of them. It has numerous features, similar as script plutocrat, Max Level, horizonless Boosts Duration/ Power, Get All All Munitions and Use Them, Get All losers and Use Them, Weapon Mods, and others, and we recommend that you try it out for yourself.This new Destruction Simulator script includes some pretty powerful gun modification options, such as removing the cooldown, increasing the blast speed, and more! Enjoy.

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