Deducto Free Hack - Deduction Cheat

Deducto Free Hack - Deduction Cheat Deducto Free Hack - Deduction Cheat

The Deducto Free Hack - Deduction Cheat being mentioned in this article is indeed a working and reliable deduction game hack. So, today we will discuss how it works. The tool mainly focuses on deducto game. It actually exploits the update version of the deduction game which was released recently by the developer. Deducto Free Hack One of the best Deducto/Deduction Cheats ever, with great deduction skills this will be your best troll cheat, or maybe one of many. This Deduction Cheat is mainly used for trolling, i got it from a bunch of people, and decided to share it here.

How to use the Deducto Free Hack ?

  1. Launch deduction Game
  2. Download & Launch the Deducto Free Troll Hack From Cheater.Ninja Free Cheats Site
  3. Enjoy

Features of Deducto Free Hack :

Shift = Ultra jump. Teleports you above the map Ctrl = Small jump. Teleports you around 0.2 units Arrows = Slow walking, and go through objects. Also moves during freeze time, like meeting Alt = Go below the map by a little bit


Have fun. Also, use it in private lobbies, cuz random kids will kick you.

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