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csgo net external cheat

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CSGO Net External Cheat is a super Undetected Free Hack for Counter Strike Global Offensive with Aimbot, Wallhack and many more

We all know that Internal CSGO Hacks and Cheats are mostly better than external ones as they provide more features for you to work with. But the known fact is that external cheats are way more safer than internal ones which you might know from GTA 5 mod menus. Since they do not inject themselves into the game VAC cannot really detect what is going on and the only way your account can get suspended if you are reported too fequently which only happen sin competitive mode of CSGO

csgo net external cheat

How to Use CSGO Net External Cheat

  1. Extract “Net-external.rar” into a USB stick (Do not use “C:\” Drive for safety reasons)
  2. Launch CSGO
  3. Do Alt Tab and go to the desktop
  4. Run Net-external client
  5. Click “Build” (which generates a new file)
  6. Open the cheat file (it should have a random file name / red icon )

CSGO Net External Cheat Features

  •  Aimbot
    • Smart aimbot ( Change aimbone head to body after x shot automaticly )
    • Randomize aimbone
    • Custom aimbot key
    • On / Off hotkey
    • Fire rate ( Better accurary )
  • Standalone recoil control system
    • Rcs scale
    • Rcs start x bullet
  • Triggerbot 
    • Trigger delay
    • Trigger aimbot
    • Custom triggerbot key
  • Glow Esp
    • Glow players
    • Custom colors
    • On / off hotkeys
  • Chams
    • Custom colors
    • Only visible
    • On / Off hotkeys
  • Misc
    • Config system (Load, Save)
    • Load config by hotkey
    • AFK-Bot / AFK mode ( Stand, Jump,Default )
    • Auto bhop
    • Auto update ( Offsets )
    • Close game panic key
    • Close cheat panic key
  • Anti-Cheat
    • VAC undetected
  • Requirments 
    • Windows 10 / Windows 7
    • Latest .NET framework
    • USB stick

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