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CSGO Monolith Cheat 2023 | Free HvH Hack & CFG's

CSGO Monolith Cheat 2023 | Free HvH Hack & CFG's CSGO Monolith Cheat 2023 | Free HvH Hack & CFG's

CSGO Monolith Cheat is a mindblowing and a superior Rage and HvH Hack for CSGO, which has been recently published for free by a reverse engineer that has decided to release this normally paid product. But now it's here and you can use it however you like and be absolutely one of the most impressive players and reach the ranks that you have been dreaming of.

The cheat has just been released and it is free for everyone. You are going to have fun with it, because you will be able to play like a pro and make any shot you want. The best players in the world are using cheats, but they're not willing to share them with you. However, now there's a new perfect cheat that allows users to become the best players in the world in no time. Try CSGO Monolith Cheat and make your enemies go green with envy, or try other Cheats for CSGO if you don't like this one.

CSGO Monolith Cheat 2023

How to Inject CSGO Monolith Cheat:

  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲1: Disable windows defender/any other antivirus on your system (they do not like .dll injectors and w̲i̲l̲l̲ delete Extreme Injector)
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲̲ ̲2: Right click the zip file and extract it anywhere
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲3: Open Extreme Injector
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲4: Next to the Process Name box, click select
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲5: Near the bottom right click the Window List button & select the games process
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲6: Click the Add DLL button
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲7: Navigate to where your cheat .dll is located & select it
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲8: Click Inject & close Extreme Injector


My injector - Extreme Inject (Injection type: ManualMap) Link: (Click Here)
The configurations are fully working (Saved as files in the folder C:\Monolith\Configs)

Hi all! This is an updated cr4ck CSGO Monolith Cheat
(More specifically, this is the support version of )

Update log:
-reworked clantag
-add grenade helper
* improved config system

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Free Download CSGO Monolith Cheat 2023 | Free HvH Hack & CFG's

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