CSGO Legendware v4 Cheat Free Download

CSGO Legendware v4 Cheat Free Download

CSGO Legendware v4 Cheat is a Free to Download Legit and a Rage (HvH) Hack with many features including Aimbot, Wallhack, Spinbot, Skin Changer and many more.

About CSGO Legenware v4 Cheat

CSGO Legendware v4 Cheat has literally every kind feature that you can find in any other major CS:GO cheats. The only lack of feature might be at the movement part but since HvH cheats do not have any movement features anyway, so, I guess we cannot really complain about that. But like I said it really does have everything a casual cheater should be looking for.

You know, your good ol' Legit featurs like Aimbot, Triggerbot, Backtrack, RCS. For Ragebot, it has Anti Aim (AA), Desync stuff, Exploits like Fake Duck, Double Tap, etc. Obviously it is not short on Misc features either. You can find all the classic miscellaneous functions such as Bunnyhop (Bhop), Auto Strafe, Auto Accept and other stuff in the Misc tab.

How to Use CSGO Legenware v4 Cheat

Straight forward dll installation, just follow my steps: Since doubts were raised about the purity of our previously leaked crack, we decided to release our own version that is absolutely virus-free. As mentioned before, the configuration system is not working.

We will release a version with corrected configurations after some time. Installation guide of CSGO Legenware v4 Cheat: - Place the Legendware folder in: %appdata%\Legendware - Inject the Lw.dll file into the game.

  1. Download the CSGO Legenware v4 Cheat itself which will come be downloaded as dll in a packed rar archive
  2. Extract the dll from that rar archive and paste it into a folder of your desire
  3. Download an injector of your choice on our website and put it into the same folder as the dll
  4. Use VAC Bypass [Optional]
  5. Start CS:GO
  6. Once you are loaded in game, you can navigate to the folder where you have downloaded your injector and the dll
  7. Run the injector itself
  8. Select the legenware v4 dll file
  9. And as a last step inject it into the game
  10. Now you can enjoy every single great feature of legenware, legit / rage hack and dominate your enemies!

Features of CSGO Legendware v4 Cheat Free Download
  • Aimbot
  • Triggerbot
  • Backtrack
  • Rcs. For Ragebot
  • Anti Aim
  • Desync Stuff
  • Exploits [fake Duck]
  • Double Tap
  • And Etc.
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